Live: The EU Referendum Results

Updates will be posted here during the night.

05:21 – The UK votes to Leave the EU. Wales as completely gone against expectations, voting Leave along with England, while Gibraltar, Scotland and Northern Ireland have shown overwhelming support for membership of the EU. This is likely to cause bitter divisions in British politics and may shake up the establishment parties, all of whom officially or unofficially backed remain.

03:48 – Eastleigh votes Leave. Cotswold and Hackney vote Remain

03:47 – Tendring votes Leave

03:46 – Reading votes Remain, Bournemouth and Chorley vote Leave

03:45 – Vale of Whitehorse and South Down votes Remain

03:44 – Epsom & Ewell, Mid Ulster and Rushcliffe vote Remain

03:42 – Hastings, Powys, Ipswich, Ryedale, Reigate & Banstead vote Leave

03:41 – Torridge, Braintree, Nottingham, South Norfolk and Durham vote Leave. Waltham Forest and Norwich vote Remain

03:40 – Leave leads by half a million votes

03:38 – Canterbury, Doncaster, Walsall, Barnsley and North Kesteven vote Leave

03:37 – Leave is now 450,000 votes ahead

03:36 – Bolton, Rossendale and East Staffordshire vote Leave. City of Edinburgh votes 74.4% Remain

03:35 – Leave currently leads by approximately 363,000 votes

03:34 – Hart is with Remain

03:33 – Chelmsford votes Leave

03:32 – North Hertfordshire votes Remain. Tameside, Epping Forest and Mid Devon vote Leave

03:31- East Riding of Yorkshire and Bromsgrove vote to Leave. Ealing and Highland vote to Remain

03:30 – Woking votes to stay in the EU, while Purbeck and Welwyn Hatfield vote to Leave

03:28 – Sheffield becomes the first major city in the UK to vote Leave (51%). New Forest also votes to Leave

03:25 – Shepway and Great Yarmouth vote to Leave, and Monmouthsire narrowly votes Remain

03:24 – Colchester, Stratford-on-Avon, Barrow-in-Furness and Thurrock vote (mostly) overwhelmingly to Leave the EU

03:23 – Ashford votes 59.4% Leave

03:22 – Crawley, Gateshead, Rushmoor, Sevenoaks, Wolverhampton and Litchfield vote Leave. Fife votes Remain

03:20 – Milton Keynes votes to Leave while Wirral votes Remain

03:18 – Haringey votes overwhelmingly to Remain

03:17 – Halton votes Leave 57.4%

03:16 – Vale of Glamorgan votes Remain while Scarborough and Coventry vote to Leave

03:15 – Boston, Worcester and Neath Port Talbot vote Leave. Boston was 75.6% Leave

03:13 – Carmarthenshire, Erewash, Pembrokeshire, Fylde, Darlington and South Ribble vote Leave

03:10 – Bridgend, Upper Bann, Telford & Wrekin, Oadby & Wigston and South Somerset vote Leave. Merton, East Londonderry, Aberdeen City, Scottish Borders and South Lakeland vote Remain

03:08 – Eastbourne, Redditch, Runnymede and Oldham vote Leave

03:06 – Westminster votes Remain. Tandridge votes Leave

03:05 – Rother votes to Leave with 58.5%

03:05 – both North and South Antrim vote Leave. Forest of Dean also votes Leave

03:02 – Carlisle votes Leave 60.1%, and Richmond upon Thames vote Remain 69.3%

03:01 – West Devon votes Leave

o3:00 – North Dorset, West Somerset, Maidstone and Gloucester vote Leave

02:58 – Castle Point – 72.7% Leave. Cannock Chase and Havant also vote Leave, while St Albans votes Remain

02:56 – Mole Valley, Liverpool and Islington vote Remain. West Dorset, Isle of Wight, Richmondshire and Surrey Heath vote Leave

02:55 – Lincoln, Rugby and Wyre Forest vote Leave

02:52 – North West Leicestershire, Malvern Hills, Hertsmere and Ribble Valley vote Leave. Ceredigion becomes the first Welsh area to vote Remain

02:51 – Allerdale and Rhondda vote Leave

02:48 – Watford and Wigan vote Leave, Watford with a margin of 0.6%

02:46 – Peterborough vote Leave – 60.9%

02:45 – Uttlesford, Nuneaton & Bedworth, Corby and North East Lincolnshire vote Leave. Stroud and North Lanarkshire vote Remain

02:45 – Moray votes Remain with a tiny margin of 0.2%

02:42 – Gosport, Blackpool, Hyndburn, Craven and Pendle vote Leave. South Lanarkshire, Hammersmith & Fulham and Perth & Kinross vote Remain

02:40 – Belfast North votes Remain with a 0.8% margin. This is an evenly split constituency demographically, and recent Assembly elections resulted in three unionist and three nationalist MLAs.

02:36 – South Belfast’s result (69.5% Remain) is interesting as this is a largely mixed area. It is represented by two nationalist, two middle and two unionist MLAs. It’s safe to assume that supporters of the ‘Other’ position would vote Remain, but it is possible that the nationalist and/or unionist vote is split between the Leave and Remain camps

02:33 – Wrexham, Barking & Dagenham, Knowsely and South Bucks vote Leave. South Belfast, East Dunbartonshire, East Lothian and North Aryshire vote Remain

02:32 – Torbay, Caerphilly and Belfast East vote Leave. Caerphilly is a bit of a surprise.

02:30 – Conwy and Tamworth both vote Leave. Wandsworth in London votes 75% Remain.

02:28 – Newport, Bracknell Forest and Burnley vote Leave. Burnley is 66.6% Leave

02:26 – Remain now have a lead of 35,000 votes

02:25 – Falkirk – 56.8% Remain

02:24 – Glasgow City – 66.6% Remain. Stevenage – 59.2% Leave, perhaps a lower Leave vote than many expected

02:22 – South Ayrshire, Oxford, Lambeth, Exeter and Stirling vote Remain – Oxford by a huge margin. Isle of Anglesey vote Leave by a miniscule margin of 1.8%

02:18 – North Warwickshire – 66.9% Leave. Fareham – 55.1% Leave

02:14 – St Helens vote 58% Leave. Angus vote 55.3% Remain. Scotland may not be as keen to stay in the EU as the SNP have suggested

02:11 – West Lothian votes Remain. Denbighsire in Wales votes 54% Leave. Wales is appearing to be far more pro-Brexit than expected

02:08 – East Renfrewshire – 74.3% Remain

02:05 – Harlow, Redcar & Cleveland and Eden vote Leave. So far not looking good for remain. It’ll depend a lot on how larger cities vote

02:04 – Swansea and Bury both vote Leave. North Down is narrow remain, and West Belfast is 74.1% Remain

02:01 – Wellingborough – 62.4% Leave

02:00 – Middlesborough, Weymouth & Portland, Brentwood and Southend-on-Sea vote Leave. City of London unsurprisingly votes 75.3% Remain

01:58 – Blaenau Gwent and Flintshire in Wales vote Leave, meaning all three declared Welsh areas have voted Leave

01:55 – Strangford – 55.5% Leave. Not clear what this suggest in terms of a Unionist-Nationalist divide as this is a relatively mixed area (Assembly representation – 2 Sinn Fein, 2 SDLP, 1 UUP and 1 DUP)

01:52 – Rochford – 66.6% Leave. No surprises with most of these results so far

01:51 – 65,000 vote lead to Leave

01:50 – Renfrewshire – 64.8% Remain

01:46 – Midlothian votes Remain. Basildon, Stockton-on-Tees and Myrthyr Tydfil vote Leave. Currently 692,000 Leave, 618,000 Remain.

01:44 – Hartlepool is almost 70% Leave – massive margin. There is a clear urban lean towards Leave

01:35 – West Tyrone, Eilean Siar and East Aryshire all vote Remain by significant margins

01:32 – North Antrim votes 62.2% Leave, perhaps the sign of a divergence between Nationalist and Unionist views on the EU

01:28 – Lagan Valley is the first Northern Ireland area to vote Leave (53.1%)

01:26 – Dundee City votes Remain (60%). First urban area to vote remain

01:21 – South Tyneside votes Leave (62%) and West Dunbartonshire votes Remain (62%)

01:15 – Shetlands vote Remain – 56.5%

01:08 – Kettering votes Leave. Both Kettering and Broxbourne have had 60%+ Leave results.

01:06 – Isle of Scilly votes Remains. Broxbourne and Swindon are Leave. Reinforcing the current urban-rural divide in the results.

00:45 – Gibraltar has a massive consensus for Remain (96%), Newcastle voted remain by a tiny margin of 1%, Orkney, Clackmannanshire and Foyle have voted Remain by significant margins.

Sunderland voted 61.3% Leave. So far it is looking like urban areas are more sympathetic to Leave, suggesting a rural-urban divide.


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