Interview with President of the Union of Students in Ireland

It’s been a long five years since the iconic moment when Ruairi Quinn, later to become Minister for Education in the Fine Gael/Labour coalition, signed the USI pledge committing himself and Labour to opposing any further increase in student fees. A pledge he memorably broke soon after. Half a decade ago was a time of…

The Ahistorical 1916 Debate

The centenary commemorations have been plagued by a bitter, albeit predictable, debate around the true nature and legacy of the 1916 Rising. Was it justified? Did it have a mandate? Who can claim the legacy? Most of the questions asked and debates raging are largely abstract, almost entirely hypothetical, and at this point pretty irrelevant….

Labour Alternative – A Movement for a New Northern Ireland

For decades, elections in Northern Ireland have been little more than a sectarian headcount. In terms of the overall result, the upcoming Assembly election on May 5th is likely to be little different. However, it’s clear that a growing number of workers and young people are becoming increasingly alienated from the politics that dominate Stormont….

Why the Left Should Support Basic Income

By Anne Ryan and John Baker of Basic Income Ireland A universal basic income is a regular payment from the state to each individual, sufficient for a frugal but decent standard of living without supplementary income from other sources. Basic income is always tax-free and replaces social welfare payments, child benefit, the state pension and…

The 8th Amendment – By The Numbers

By Caoimhe Doyle and Declan Kelly of the Abortion Rights Campaign The law and Constitution in Ireland have been attempting to control women and sexuality since the foundation of the Irish State. Magdalene Laundries were open until 1996, condoms were illegal until 1992, homosexuality wasn’t legalised until 1993, and the morning after pill only became…